My name is Nadine.

Here to show my eccentrism and versatility in graphic design, mixed media, and love for color.



My name is Nadine.

Eccentrism, versatility, and love for color in visual design.



Baybayin Skate Series

“Just My Type”
Dec 2022
The Baybayin series celebrates and cultivates the native Filipino script and culture through product design under a skatewear brand. Exploration and usage of three fonts to create visual imagery and identity in apparel and merch designs.

In the designs, the native Filipino script and alphabet known as “Baybayin,” is infused with a Eurowestern black letter font to be seen as irony under the notion of Spaniards colonizing the indigenous tribes of the early Philippine Islands. Native flowers from the Island of the Philippines are used as visual imagery along with tribal tattoo patterns that were often used in the early days of Philippines’ tribes.

History and background of the native flowers are expressed as pure and interesting information to add depth and meanings of the Baybayin script are translated for educational purposes.

Applications include:
- A set of three different tees
- A set of three different crew socks
- An 11x17 poster set with defined tagalog words in accordance to the Philippine Baybayin script and native flowers of the Philippine Islands
-  3x2 Tarot card of native flowers, their uses and historical background 
- Skate deck versions of the poster and t-shirt designs