My name is Nadine.

Here to show my eccentrism and versatility in graphic design, mixed media, and love for color.



My name is Nadine.

Eccentrism, versatility, and love for color in visual design.



Case Studies and Campaign Projects + Presentations

Edenspiekermann Global Creative Agency + Star Alliance

UX/UI case study collaboration with Tran Lam and Jake Winkle

My team conducted in-depth analysis and research of in-airport digital experiences of passengers by designing airline mobile applications. We produced user personas, journey maps, flowcharts, competitive analysis, wireframes, and prototypes for iOS mobile app. In order to create a succesful iOS mobile app, we conducted survey questions and acquired insights that are benefecial for ANA mobile application and its user connection

Research findings and app prototype were presented to agency executives of the Edenspiekermann Global Creative Agency.

Presentation and interactive prototype can be accessed below.

Green Resolve: Deforestation Legacy Project

A legacy project concept collaboration with Tran Lam, Jake Winkle, Racheal Tran, and Andrew Tran

An organization branding campaign focused on deforestation in the Amazon named “Green Resolve.” This slide presentation covers the research on topics and issues in the Amazon rainforest, branding strategy, and campaign deliverables (digital and print) of the organization.

The research and campaigning concept was closely observed and presented to The Book Shop creative directors and professionals -- an LA based creative / advertising school.

Designory Advertising Agency + Nissan

A case study for the launch of the new 2023 400z, focusing on an advertising campaign that cater to Gen Z.

Presented design pitch of promotional and advertising concept to executives of the creative and advertising agency Designory under the Nissan, Hyundai, Mazda, and various renowned auto companies.


Canvas Learning Management System Rebranding + CSULB

A case study for the implementation of Canvas becoming the new learning management system for CSULB students, staff, and portal.