My name is Nadine.

Here to show my eccentrism and versatility in graphic design, mixed media, and love for color.



My name is Nadine.

Eccentrism, versatility, and love for color in visual design.



Experimental Type Skate Posters

“Exercise In Style”
September - December 2022

Event poster concept which focuses on the growing skate culture in urban Japan. 

Ver 1: A narration of technical skill through fluid motion and grace amongst an urban landscape. Visually expressing ambiguity, dynamism, roughness, yet with fluidity in the use of typography and visual elements. The layering of type, the in-and-out focus is meant to create depth in the composition. A nod to 90’s grunge and skate aesthetic fusing with modern to futuristic aesthetics of today.

Ver 2: Follows more eccentricity, lightness, and playfulness, with the pink liquid smoke representing the fun colors of a strawberry milkshake behind the title or logo of the event in a whimsical manner. The visual language in this poster contains a blend of ambiguity, antithetical tension, and representational of the event.

Strawberry Milkshake is a standard, beginning, skateboarding trick to learn at all levels.

Thumbnails: Variations and drafts on design exploration for the concept.