My name is Nadine.

Here to show my eccentrism and versatility in graphic design, mixed media, and love for color.



My name is Nadine.

Eccentrism, versatility, and love for color in visual design.



Final Fantasy VII Remake Rundown

“FFVII Synopsis Magazine”
May 2020

An editorial concept - exclusive Final Fantasy 7 Remake mini synopsis magazine, in its first installment.

A magazine holding contents and a synopsis of a video game remake based on the original Final Fantasy 7 video game (1997) made for the Playstation 1, with the remake launched in 2020.

Contents reveal a brief intro to the game, provides background information on Cloud Strife, the protagonist, and his AVALANCHE team, Shinra’s motives, and Sephiroth’s goals that ties in with the plot of the game. All information is thoroughly researched with details and fun facts.

The Final Fantasy 7 logo is kept on the front cover and the video game franchise’s font (OPTIEngeEtienne) is used throughout the magazine in main titles/headlines per page--a way to keep their iconic font recognizable for fans The franchise, made by the Square Enix video game developing company, keeps a certain elegance with a modern take with their themes in visual design. Image editing/manipulation, color correction, layout design, and typography were heavily used to succesfully create dynamic, yet consistent design for use of IP and content.

(Currently in the process of revamping)