My name is Nadine.

Here to show my eccentrism and versatility in graphic design, mixed media, and love for color.



My name is Nadine.

Eccentrism, versatility, and love for color in visual design.



F.T.S. Magazine

“For The Students”
Dec 2022
A magazine designed and created for purchase for Calstate Long Beach’s School of Art Graphic Design program. Contents include Fall 2022’s Graphic Design Cohort--focusing on fun, eccentric, and reminiscent aspects, scanned materials, designed in a collage manner, all culminated from the distinguished two-year design program.

This magazine was mass-produced. Assets included scanned physical materials such as books, photographs, and letters that were carefully crafted and implemented to blend with experimental typography within the magazine.

Art direction and collaboration with Jake Winkle.

Editorial Magazine
9x12, 60# Uncoated Text Paper

Baybayin Skate Series

“Just My Type”
Dec 2022
The Baybayin series celebrates and cultivates the native Filipino script and culture through product design under a skatewear brand for Downcast, LLC. Exploration and usage of three fonts to create visual imagery and identity in apparel and merch designs.

In the designs, the native Filipino script and alphabet known as “Baybayin,” is infused with a Eurowestern black letter font to be seen as irony under the notion of Spaniards colonizing the indigenous tribes of the early Philippine Islands. Native flowers from the Island of the Philippines are used as visual imagery along with tribal tattoo patterns that were often used in the early days of Philippines’ tribes.

History and background of the native flowers are expressed as pure and interesting information to add depth and meanings of the Baybayin script are translated for educational purposes.

Applications include:
- A set of three different tees
- A set of three different crew socks
- An 11x17 poster set with defined tagalog words in accordance to the Philippine Baybayin script and native flowers of the Philippine Islands
-  3x2 Tarot card of native flowers, their uses and historical background 
- Skate deck versions of the poster and t-shirt designs



Final Fantasy VIII Character Archive

March 2020
Book re-design concept of the Final Fantasy VIII Archive in a UX/UI format (portions of an archival website) and physical print version which showcases concept art, background stories, and player information of characters from Square Soft’s Final Fantasy VIII video game in the format of a 2018 iPad Pro.

A social media campaign for Square Enix is showcased -- including instagram stories and posts to advertise the release of the archival book re-design and website.

Credits to the Squall, Rinoa, and Sifer panel illustration: David Ardinaryas Lojaya

Illustrations and character concepts are owned by Square Soft, Square Enix, and Dark Horse.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Rundown

“FFVII Synopsis Magazine”
May 2020

An editorial exclusive Final Fantasy VII Remake mini synopsis magazine, in its first installment.

Contents reveal a brief intro and synopsis to the game, providing a backstory on Cloud Strife, his recent relations with “eco-terrorists” AVALANCHE, Shinra’s motives, and Sephiroth’s goals that tie in with the planet.

The Final Fantasy VII logo is kept on the front cover and the video game franchise’s font (OPTIEngeEtienne) is used throughout the magazine in main titles/headlines per page--a way to keep their iconic font recognizable for fans.

The franchise, made by the Square Enix video game developing company, keeps a certain elegance with a modern take with their themes in visual design. Image editing/manipulation, color correction, layout design, and typography were heavily used to create dynamic, yet consistent brand design for use of IP and content.



Moxie Skatewear

Brand collaboration with Tran Lam.

January - May 2022


Brand campaign and identity for a sustainable. inclusive skatewear brand, Moxie.

The skate industry has been a common place where stereotypes of gender affect the enjoyment of the sport and the community that comes with it. Many women and gender queer individuals struggle to find a community where they can enjoy the sport and leisure of skating.

This campaign ensures a visual aspect on freedom of self-expression through skatewear in a welcoming, open, skate community.